I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her…or Them

Quite often I drive thru McD’s….sometimes twice a day. It isn’t unusual for me to visit a drive thru of some kind several times a week. If I go through on a Sunday, you will hear me thank whomever is working for serving me on a Sunday when I know they’d rather be at church or spending time with their family. From my stand point what I see is someone doing a job, what I don’t see is what’s going on in their heart/mind or what’s happening in their home.

A woman took her life this weekend. I didn’t know her personally, but I’m almost sure that she served me at a drive thru a time or two. The reports of the marriage circumstances in which she lived sounded intolerable to me, but she had been enduring them for a long time. While I am not directly affected, my mind has not rested, nor my eyes remained dry all day, because I know she was in pain and without hope. We can be sure that just as we ourselves hit hard times, rough places, and experience loss of hope….so does everyone we meet. There have been times when I too thought I had endured all that I could and contemplated taking my life, but I fell to my knees and God heard my prayers

There is no way, that we can determine what kind of pain the person serving us at the drive thru is experiencing, but what we can do is…..always remember that ALL LIVES MATTER, and to be kind, have a smile on your face, show gratitude…even if they somehow mess up your order, or things don’t go the way you think they should.. be calm and kind.

As I shopped this weekend, I found the perfect, on sale, picture to hang above our fireplace…it reads “When life becomes too hard to stand….kneel.” I couldn’t pass up a chance to hang words of hope above my mantle. That is what faith in God does….brings hope. And it is a reminder to pray for others.

May the families of all involved know the comforting touch of Gods arms as he holds them up, giving them hope.

If you are experiencing more than you can stand….I hope you will kneel. As you read this, I am praying for you.

Join me and be filled with hope, and share that hope with others.

“Father, there is pain, suffering and sorrow in the world, we know that you offer us hope for eternal life through Jesus, and we confess our sins and accept him now. We thank you Lord for this hope, joy and peace…give us courage and strength to share you and our experiences with others. In Jesus name Amen.”

If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide please seek professional help, if you don’t know where to find help call 911 or 1-800-273-8255. As always you are welcome to leave your thoughts and prayer requests here on my website, and I can help or direct you to someone who can help.


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