Julie’s Story

From birth I was a little “rebel rouser”. I spent a lot of time in the principles office, mostly because of my reactions to my peer’s actions. You see I’m the one who always got caught. I had some issues that followed me into my teens and early twenties. I let issues and people “stir” me up and “shake” me. Most of what I write about and speak on are the issues; real life hurts, habits and hang- ups. Specifically, anger, control, co-dependency, emotional eating, being a victim of bullying and abuse, and living the police/military wife life.

Everyday I strive to let God stir me, and not be shaken by what life throws at me.
I’m blessed to have a second chance at marriage, going strong at 23 years now! We have a blended family of three (Yours, mine and ours) and two adorable grandkids! We face challenges as a police and military family, but our faith brings us through those challenges. I’m also blessed to live in a state where patio sitting is “almost” possible year a-round!

I hope you will be encouraged by my story, and in return share yours with me. I’d love to hear it!