Winner Winner!

Way to go Krystal W. you are the winner of the $20 Subway Card! I am happy to send it and so thankful for your faithful following, and love for our Savior!!

__________is the key.

Perfect morning air almost weightless. Crickets were still playing rom last nights band practice. The Lord greeted me in His splendor showing off a sky of pink, orange and blue. Clouds moving in speak of a possible rain shower later…

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Eating Like I’m Wounded

As I opened the door to the patio the cool morning air caressed my face. No time to linger as I watered the blooms. Looking up the sky was already taking on a cloudless form with hints of pink here…

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Clean Up on Aisle 7

The morning dew is heavy, and the smell of wet earth fills the air. Out of control winds from a recent storm destroyed my patio table. Miraculously the red umbrella survived. Hubs became a one man clean up crew on…

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It’s All One Sided

After stepping outside this morning in the cool damp air my thoughts turned to Fall. My prayerful offering of gratitude was for the lower electric bill and I requested that we miss the whole heat wave this year. How funny…

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A Family Affair

On the Patio we enjoyed an evening of escape from the humidity, and sat under the twinkling stars, chatting. Bursts of laughter, and serious topics made up the ebb and flow of conversation as we caught up. Seventeen years is…

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