The Patio

We All Need A Fitbit Thingy

The other day Hubs was on the couch watching TV. As I passed through the living room to put some laundry away, I stopped to catch a commercial for the newest Fitbit. We were both intrigued, but for different reasons.…

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Rest, Sip and Repeat

There’s nothing like the cooler temperatures of fall, when early morning gives way to a mysterious mist over the water mixing with sunshine and a crisp breeze. To see this, it fills ones heart with peace. A sip of hot…

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Return to Us Our Zeal

Patio sittin’ ain’t just for prayin’ it is the perfect spot for daydreaming. However it’s all fun and relaxing until you’ve sat there too long and the ants are starting to climb up your legs! Unless you use the foot…

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