Julie’s Story

I am a Midwest girl in a Southern world. I can’t hide it, the darn accent gives me away! I am a recovered temper tantrum thrower, who still struggles at times with getting my emotions in check and if that’s not bad enough, I can’t cook worth a hoot either. Hubs, has affectionately labeled me a chuck wagon cook. He says, I throw whatever’s in the fridge or cupboard together in one pot and call it a meal. It's all good though, I can do other stuff pretty well like paint, draw, sing, plant veggies & flowers, speak to women about real, messy emotions and I'm writing a book!

Being the wife of a police and military man (aka Hubs) for 27 years now has had it’s ups and downs. This life also sparks our emotions and provides lots of creative material to write about and speak on!

We got peeps, they include yours, mine and ours. We are blessed to be MeMe and Popie to a lil’ pack of sprightly grandchildren and a pack of crazy grand-doggies.

Besides, enjoying our patio sittin’ Hubs and I are planning to one day travel the states in a camper. Now, that will be somethin’!


Nice chattin’ with ya!