I Want A Monday Kind of Love

Don’t you just love Mondays?! Especially a rainy Monday?! I can seriously see your eyes rolling and hear that sarcastic half laugh coming out of your mouth! I am now smiling from ear to ear.

For people recovering from hurts, habits and hang-ups, Monday holds the potential of starting a NEW week, one that leans closer to freedom.

When I was a bullied kid in school Mondays were unbearable. When I became a working adult who partied & brawled every weekend Monday was the start of another work week earning cash for weekend fun. Becoming a wife and mother, Monday meant everyone left and I could get all my chores done, before I left for work.

My love for Monday didn’t come until I started this road to recovery from emotional eating, rage and all my other issues. Finding there is a first day, new start, chance to re-do and an optimal beginnings day every week, is a treasure, a gift and free to those who are on a journey of recovery. Monday is Gods way of showing us he loves us, offering us a second chance to draw closer to him, bringing him glory and honor in all that we do and say.

Won’t you join me today as we start the new week in love….regardless of the alarm not going off, the car not starting, a child barfing and lost car keys. Remembering that in spite of the possibly rough start to the day…we want a Monday kind of love.

“God, thank you for the gift of this Monday, new day, new beginning, second chance and for your love always everyday. In Jesus name Amen.”


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