Whatever It Takes

I remember a time when a summer rain left the whole earth smelling fresh and clean. Lately, you mention rain and folks make a face, as we’ve received a lot of it during our spring and now summer months. When it comes to controlling my emotions, I’ve been known to stand out in the rain letting the drops splash away my tension. The memories will flood back of when I was a child and wore a little red swimsuit, dancing around the yard playing in a refreshing summer rain and my tension eases. Hey, “whatever it takes” to bring a normal rhythm to my racing angry heart, or to mend the broken places caused by someone’s hurtful words. But, as for the little red swim suit……forget it, that ain’t happen’n these days. The closest thing to red I’ll be wearing at this age is a red hat, along with a purple shirt when I join the Red Hat Ladies Club!

Join me today, as we do whatever it takes (as long as it’s beneficial) to control those negative emotions, negative thoughts, and whatever it takes to bring healing to our hurts, even If we have to stand outside and let a little rain splash us then so be it!

“Father, we thank you for a refreshing rain, we TRUST YOU with our negative emotions and heartbreaks. We ask for strength, courage and creative ideas on how to manage those emotions. In Jesus name Amen.”


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