Antagonistic Tactics

Over the course of time judging on what I’ve read and viewed in several different areas of media ; I am sure of one thing…. Donald Trump, is a bully.

This blog post is a result of me “paying attention” to current events. I somehow feel that this may not be what Hubs was expecting from me….but he told me to start paying attention and watch, read and listen to what’s going on in the world. So as an obedient wife….I am.
Alicia Machado a former Miss. Universe is strongly proving that D. Trump is in fact a bully. “He bears many grudges and harbors a deep racism, and he is convinced there are lesser human beings than him.” Alicia Machado

She is just one of the many women D. Trump has used his antagonistic tactics on as a means to control and produce change.

Yes, Miss Machado had a standard to uphold as a Beauty Queen but, sadly because of his critical actions towards her, and his verbal abuse while she was struggling, she was never accepted or seen as worthy and suffered great embarrassment. Fortunately, for her after spending several years battling emotional issues and eating disorders she has since found the resolve needed to overcome her issues.
If the scenario were different and D. Trump was not a bully, his tactics being based on acceptance, kindness, rather than bigotry he could have productively helped Miss Machado. Using these tactics along with his power and influence he could have brought early attention to eating disorders thus saving a lot of suffering people. However, his tactics were anything but kind and it is clear to me as I viewed all related video footage through his facial expressions he had nothing but contempt for the Beauty Queen as he ridiculed her in public. May I add in my opinion, thin women should be weary of this bully as well….look at his choice of wives (all surgically tweaked) and how he has treated them, he isn’t deceiving me …..he sees value only in a small waist and a large bust. I am convinced that he will continue to crush the spirit of our female population. My certainty comes as I watch and listen to him repeatedly bully, belittle and exploit women who do not meet up to his unhealthy, unrealistic expectations regarding their body size.
I am also convinced that D. Trump will use these same tactics within his presidency.  As a voting military wife, I foresee that this bully could either drive terrorism to its death, which is our hope or rub a lot of salt in the already bloody wound.


Here is the video I watched today. I encourage you to join me…… watch all of the video footages regarding this issue then share your thoughts regarding D. Trump as a bully and does he see others as “lesser than”?



4 thoughts on “Antagonistic Tactics

  1. Who is not a reliable person?? Since when is it your place to judge anyone on how reliable they are or not? I like this article because it puts a few things in perspective that some might not see…because some live in a sheltered world and may think this but will never raise their voices!!

  2. Julie, you did nothing or said nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned. When God puts something on your heart I have found you better do as your told by our Lord. Not everyone will ever agree with everything you say or do but that is why we live in America where we do have freedom of speech. I enjoy and learn from your writings. God Bless you and keep you

  3. My deepest apologies Mary. I don’t normally write on current or political matters but felt very convicted to write this one. I also did not intend for it to be offensive or to be published on your church page. I will delete it from your page. With all respect I am a reliable person who is a treasured daughter of the King!!

  4. She is not a reliable person. We would prefer that you do not use Rudy Baptist Church page for any political or controversial writing. please remove this. Sincerely in Christ,Mary Glass ,wife of the Pastor of Rudy Baptist Church.

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