Looks Can Be Deceiving (people too)

I awaken to a cold nose poking out from underneath a heavy warm quilt. Hmmm the Hubs had turned off the heat, after listening to the local weather forecast predicting a warm front. As the sun begins to peek through the blinds I am lead to believe it could be warmer outside than in so I coax myself to get out of bed. Not totally sold I wrap my already clad sweatshirt and flannel body, into a fuzzy throw. I take my hot cup of vanilla decaf goodness outdoors. To my surprise the grass is covered with a light frost showing jagged sharp edges of crusted cold, clothing everything in sight. I pause shortly, filling my nostrils and lungs with a harsh yet rejuvenating breath of cold air. The sun is awake by now but her shine is deceiving as it brings no warmth. I stand for a moment and think of Eve, eyeing up that pleasant looking fruit, licking her lips anticipating a sweet bite while Satan whispered convincing lies in her ear. She bites only to find a taste of bitter rind while sin tears apart her lush life in the garden………Do looks deceive you? Do you fall for lies?

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