Under The Same Moon

While the daytime sky turns slowly to evening in shades of blue and purple, the birdie chatter slows to a soft hush. The cares of this day were slightly heavy on my mind when I plopped into the chase lounge. Above me is a half smiling moon, a few wispy clouds, several twinkling stars. A soft gentle breeze blows over me. My mind begins to ease with the rythm of distant frogs chanting their evening prayers. In the lounge next to me my daughter sips a wine cooler and spits sunflower seed shells into the unknown. In her sweet southern drawl she playfully says listen to this song, and plays a country tune on her iphone. The words to the song tell of how this generation needs to leave the past in the past, don’t blame, and see others as equals. All the while the guitar picking brings a pleasant sweetness to a bitter history. I gaze on the moon and think of how many people are sitting out under the same moon, and how we all were created equal yet we are very different. I gaze at my daughter loving the way the moon highlights the auburn in her hair, we share eye and hair color then I grin at how laid back she is wondering where that comes from ………….Do you see others as equal?

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