Super Power

Yesterday was a day of hard hits. Well actually the past couple weeks have been filled with annoying, difficult, hard hit incidents. Usually these things start going on a month after the Hubs is deployed, not a few days. This morning outside a powerful spring storm is taking place. It is demanding attention.  Lightning cracks, the thunder rolls, and the rains are beating down on the gutters creating a tune that I usually relish. In fact a good storm usually brings me peace, as I curl up in our big chair with a book, or lay in bed snuggled in the covers dreamily dozing to the symphany. Today is different. I am hearing a loud almost panicked warble cheep cheep coming from a bird. No doubt this birdie is either the town’s alarming system or is just down right beat to death by the pounding drops. If the latter is true, then tweet and I have something in common. As I sit here in my slippers, dreading my drive to work I feel beat to death from the past string of events in my life and I think of …..something my son said yesterday in computer jargin called “super power” and while I laughed at the term yesterday, today I’m thinking hard on it. I need more than ever the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to me and through me while guiding me into the possible crazy events of this new day…………..What is your “super power”?

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