A Spring Chill

A chilly wind brings tree debris down into my landscaping. A happy chirping comes from the edge of our roof, no doubt the little tweet has his belly full of seed, and his feather’s clean from the spring rain. My good intent went undone and the wood pile didn’t get covered. I quickly come inside and shut the door as the colder temps give me a chill. Inside the hum of the furnace is comforting. I wonder what Hubs is doing. His phone is malfunctioning and we haven’t communicated. This is going to be a long deployment. The clock tics and I think of all I need to accomplish before bedtime. My mind is strong but my body weak. I think of how God supplies all that I need, and as I cast my cares on him he cares for me….this makes me smile and brings me peace as I crawl into bed for a goodnights rest.

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