Servant’s Heart

When the weather is pleasurable, do not come to my front door and ring the bell expecting me to answer. Simply come around the east side of the house to the gate and come into the back yard. It is there that you will find me. If it’s evening (and not humid) I will be lounging near the fire. If it is a warm spring day like today you will find me in a cushioned chair typing away under the big red umbrella. I sit and marvel at God’s handiwork in the various types of birds at my feeders, colorful butterflies that flit about the potted vibrant flowers, hummers charging in and out for a sip of sugary energy. By putting out seed and sugar water, I am serving our little friends of nature. In my serving them I receive abundant enjoyment. The same is true when serving our fellow man, by serving and being a servant I receive enjoyment!!
Today my mind visits the scripture Mark 10 verse 45 it talks about Jesus coming to serve not to be served and to give his life as a ransom for many. He lead by example. I also think back to a time when our son was around 7 yrs old. Quite often he would hear my husband affectionately say to me “woman get me a coke” (this subject is a whole other blog lol). So in following my husbands example our son inocently yelled to me “woman get me a coke.” Our children were used to seeing me in a serving role not only to my husband but to them and to many around us. Now they too serve their spouses, children and community. When I delivered the coke to my son that day, I gently kissed him on his ear to ear grin and softly said “only Daddy calls me woman”………… Are you serving others or expecting to be served?

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