Enjoying Life After 80

I recently had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a couple of funloving middle agers. I attended alone because Hubs is across the pond. The whole event was very tastefully done, adding fun and displaying the personality of the couple very well. At the reception I took a seat at an empty table that ended up attracting several 80 something gals. As the DJ spun the first tune it was obvious that my table mates knew the song, as they started bobbing their heads, smiling and humming along. To their surprise I also knew it and joined them in their appreciation of it. Several tunes from the Big Band era mixed with dance music of the 50’s and 60’s filled the room. These gals chatted, smiled and dined on BBQ chicken, licking their fingers and wetting their whistles. I sneakily observed them pass around one bottle of a flavored wine cooler. The first gal unable to twist off the cap, handed it to a younger family member at another table, which brought about some cute snickers. As she took a sip, her lips turned up in approval and passed the bottle to the next whom poured a little in her empty paper cup, passing it to the next. The third and probably elder tipped the bottle to her lips then squished her face as if it were 100 proof, then slyly took another sip. I was handling my one mini can of beer pretty well so they passed me up. Watching these gals enjoy themselves at their age brought me some hope for enjoying my own golden years.

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