Wasting Time Worrying

The patio cushions are wet! Still heavy the dew falls on everything in sight. Gbaby’s forgotten toys scatter amongst the green grass. The Tweets are already flitting around the feeders. Soon the trees will be ripe with berries and I won’t fill the feeders as much. Watching them peck and thinking about my growling tummy, brings me to wonder if they think at all about where their next meal is coming from. Recently in our household there was a problem with Hub’s pay coming through on time. As it came time for bills to be paid and groceries to be bought It caused me to have a day of panic. I quickly for a day forgot God’s promise in Matt 6:25. I worried about what we would eat. I focused on my inability to have my reserve savings kept up. I lost precious energy worrying. While I was on my worry trip, God worked through a couple people to cover and take care of us. He loves us that much!!! ………….Do You Worry?

5 thoughts on “Wasting Time Worrying

  1. Humbled and grateful for the comments girls, nothing sweeter than knowing your heartfelt thoughts, and life experiences!

  2. I’ve wasted waaaay too much time worrying over nonimportant things. I think I’m getting better about that, but some days….

  3. I’m not a worrier. Sometimes I thing maybe I should worry about things a little more, but I just don’t – unless it involves my kids. They have had a few health scares in their lifetime (swollen lymph nodes that you are sure is leukemia, things like that). Thank God it always turned out to be nothing, but in the time it took to find that out, I would be paralyzed with worry and fear.

  4. While we all know we are suppose to put everything in God’s hands I think the flesh in us will always worry. Especially when we have others to care for. But, I can promise you one thing….I will never let you go hungry! I’ll always share my Cheetos and Ritz crackers with you ?

  5. Of course, sometimes we do.
    And how easy to mix planning ahead with worry. Sometimes we need to plan ahead but sometimes we’re just worrying—taking thought for tomorrow…
    Thanks for this reminder! 🙂

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