Falling off the Wagon

I gave into my old habit of emotional eating yesterday and today, but tonight the devil went off to tempt someone else. What he meant for my destruction God turned into full joy, peace, and relaxation.

He put positive speaking people in my path this afternoon and He himself spoke to me from His scripture Hebrews 10:17 and said “He remembers my sin no more”! Tonight on the patio He blessed me with an amazingly fresh cool breeze, soft fluffy clouds,birds singing and a colorful sunset, not to mention the earlier physical therapy session, 30min massage, 15min tanning session, add a cleansing healthful smoothie and this worn out weary working girl married to a dedicated deployed Airmen is feelin mighty fine!

I was an out of control roller coaster ride of anxiety, low self worth, doubt and worry. I was sleep deprived and tried to overdose on junk food, but God reined me in.

Girls God wants us to cast our cares on him, that’s true but he also wants us to take good tender loving care of our bodies, minds and souls. If we don’t we find ourselves unable to deal with or handle the temptations that the devil flings at us.

As I get ready to hit the hay at a decent time tonight I look forward to tomorrow and jumping back up on that wagon and ride with more obedience than the past days.

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