Song of Sorrow

Laying back in the lounge I watched the blue sky dance with the pink sunset and dip behind the Oklahoma hills. The evening air still somewhat thick, yet a hint of a cool breeze played with the tree tops. I searched for God’s face in the diminishing clouds and let my questions blend with the sorrowful song of a nearby tweet floating on the breeze.

My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth wispered back with the swaying of the trees.
What brings my deep thoughts tonight as a lone firefly flits across the dark yard.
I am searching and questioning my parenting skills.
I have given birth to a boy and girl, amazing human beings in good health. Yet my heart holds a sorrowful song for I fear their hearts are hardened and their ears are deaf to a world in need, in pain. I fear their lips are full of talk, yet no actions to follow through on good deeds for others. Oh they are still young, and yet time can slip by quickly….my sorrow is that it will be too late ……….so I lift my eyes up to the maker of Heaven, Creator of the earth and sing my song to him while he gently rocks me in his arms……..

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