Parents Need A Prenup

I waited too late to be outside this morning, as the humidity at 8am was thick and brought sweat to my upper lip. I don’t like to sweat!! This is the the one reason why me and exercise don’t get along. I sweat and I get cranky, and nobody has time for Me being cranky, not even Me!!
Retreating to the cool indoors, I sit at the kitchen table and reflect on being cranky, and sweat. Which brings to mind what I read at bedtime last night about the Oklahoma Billionaire who is getting a divorce and his wife will be one of the 25 richest women alive.They didn’t have a prenup.
I wonder with a twinkle in my eye if this fella is sweating and cranky. I then reflect deeper and compare his situation to the conflicts in parenting and step parenting that my friends face, and that I experience as well. I have come to the conclusion that a Parenting Prenup is very much needed!
There are many challenges with raising children. Not agreeing on parenting issues for instance such as discipline can leave us parents at odds with eachother and putting a fatal strain on the relationship.
Often times the discipline is left to one parent. For various reasons (this is a whole other blog) we are fighting our spouse and the child over the issue and this leaves us cranky, and that’s putting it mildly.
My opinion is that sitting down before we marry (when we are still in love and trying to please the other) and putting in writing each of our ideas on raising the children is an almost WIN solution. Frame it and hang it . Having it can help defer alot of the arguing that goes along with parenting. We should use it wisely, not throwing it in eachother’s face, but as a mediating tool to save us a fight. Here it is written proof that we agreed. We can’t deny it or change our minds. I also think that it should be modified at the children age, and of course will not apply to every situation, unless we are that good and can cover every challenge that can happen in parenting. As the children learn to read I believe it can help them know where our boundaries are, before they even think about crossing them.

Our children are about to be 22,24 and 29. We are a blended family and as I type I look back on all our parenting challenges and really wish the hubs and I had bit into this concept when we first met. It isn’t too late, we still have challenges.
I don’t believe it’s full proof, nothing in this life is, but I do believe that it is an exceptional tool to keep us from loosing the “billions” we have invested in our marriage and parenting relationships.

Do You Have A Parenting Prenup?

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