Blood Thirsty Thief

Reclining last night in my lounge chair, didn’t last long. As the sun tried to go to bed, my patio was still alive with the laughter of my golden haired granddaughter. Her snorts and giggles bring pure delight to my soul. We slathered ourselves in Avon Skin So Soft to ward off the biting bandits, but to our disheartenment the smell good oil didn’t help. After awhile I was unsure if I was dripping oil or sweat, but either way the AC indoors was calling my name. Convincing my playmate that it was time to retreat to cooler safer territory wasn’t as bad as I thought and we headed indoors. Those pesky blood thirsty thieves ruined our good time on the patio. Since the weather is so humid a fire in the patio pit was out of the question. Nothing like humidityand mosquito’s to make a Midwestern girl long for winter.

Inside, Miss G looked at me with those big blue eyes and pouty frown asking “Meme why are those skeeto’s biting us?”  This made me think that surely mosquitos are friends of the devil. Even though I’m pretty sure God made them as snacks for bats. Like the devil, these thieves don’t give up until they steal your blood.  The two also compare due to their sneak attack.  Often times when I slip in sin I don’t realize it till I’ve done it. If I’m not careful and stay in God’s word, or talk with him daily, Satan can sneak up on me.

In John 10:10 Jesus was speaking, and refers to the devil as a thief, saying “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

As we lay resting in bed the faint sweet smell of our oil mixed with the sweet conversation my little one shared with Jesus. She thanked him for her life, family and food for bats.

Are You Protecting Yourself From the Thief?





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