What Are You Wearing?

Watching the sun come out in the morning can be a breathtaking sight. As the sun rises the sky is dressed in magnificent shades of pink, orange, purple, yellow. Depending on those colors we can usually tell what kind of a day we are getting. The same goes for us when we dress ourselves. People can tell what job we do, or what actions to expect by the clothes we are wearing. Do the clothes make the man?  If we put on a uniform for our job, is that a symbol of who we are, or what we do?

As I sit this morning in shorts and a t-shirt, I looked for a verse pertaining to my identity. Titus 3:7 caught my attention it says that as a follower of Christ, a believer, through God’s grace I am an heir and have the hope of eternal life.

That’s a solid identity. When earthly job titles and duties change, I am still an heir to heaven. When clothing styles come and go I am still a child of God.  Dressing in this promise brings me freedom and hope.

Who Are You? In What Do You Find Your Identity?


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