The Bitty Is Back

Heading to the patio just before dawn now is out of the question. It seems I have an uncontrollable uneasiness about a certain patio occupant that I am semi unaffectionately calling Bitty the Bat. While liking the fact that Bitty can consume 1000 mosquitoes in a single hour, I don’t like the fact that when it’s still dark out I cannot see if Bitty is anywhere near me. My red umbrella seems to be a comfortable resting place for this tiny creepy creature, and maybe the fact that Bitty eats fruit and the new bird feed I put out has fruit in it, and along with our large quantity of mosquitoes this year Bitty is in buffet heaven. Whatever, the reason, it won’t leave.

In my cushion chair in broad daylight this weekend I sat wearing a ball cap, and had a broom next to me.  Constantly my eyes were checking to see if Bitty had left it’s crevice in the folds of the red umbrella. Daylight is my friend as I know Bitty stays most of the day sleeping until it’s had enough light exposure when I raise the umbrella then flits off.

It amazes me and yet creeps me out that there is bat activity is going on at night in my own back yard. Darkness seems to be an optimal element for creepiness. I will be wearing a hat also when I sit and try to enjoy my patio fires this year. When I told the Hubs he suggested I put up a bat house. Um seriously, like a bed and breakfast for Bitty. Of course he can like his idea, he’s not here to defend me when Bitty’s had enough of my disturbing noises on the patio and swoops down to bite my neck.

While reflecting on light and dark I am reminded that in 1 John: 5 that God is light and in him there is no darkness. This doesn’t creep me out, it comforts me, and encourages me. When I’m in the light I’m living with God, when I am stuck in my sin I’m in darkness. Now, looking outside dawn is here, I can grab my hat, broom and coffee and head to the patio.

Do You Live In the Light?

IMG_8050 patio full view

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