Stop, Drop and Roll

Ever go to bed mad? If you said yes, then you must be a woman. I’m almost sold that men (mine especially) can hit the hay and snore within minutes, after an argument. He usually needs to get his shut eye due to the fact that he can get called out at all hours of the night. I on the other hand, want to solve our issue and have world peace, before I can even get into the bed. This is insane because I need a good night’s rest too, in order to tackle the demands of my busy day. Here’s a little reminder to us all, that when an issue comes up late in the evening we need to just stop, drop and roll.

When the issue get’s us heated and we get loud, we need to stop!

    Stop yelling and listen.

When our words become like sharp knives, we need to drop them!

     Drop the attitude that produces more of an issue.

When we agree the issue needs resolved, but at another time, then roll!

     Roll over and go to sleep.

But not without kissing goodnight!


What Steps Do You Take, So That You Don’t Go To Bed Mad?



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