I Got A Habit

Morning brings a healthy rain. The tweets are singing happy tunes and welcoming the free shower. I am slow & late to rise these past couple weeks. I can’t seem to shut down my mind early enough or get off the ipad at night to get a good rest. Once this happens a few times it becomes a bad habit & very hard to change. I need a good nights rest to be able to focus on and complete important tasks. I procrastinate as well when I’m tired. I gripe, complain, yell, and get downright ugly which can also become habits that are hard to break.

Don’t you find it strange that bad habits come about so easily but are so hard to break? Sometimes we are having fun in the moment and can’t see the long term negative effects that our habit will eventually bring for us and those around us.

When we let our bad habits take over we can miss out on the meaningful moments life. Building strong fulfilling relationships on a foundation of or around bad habits is impossible. Instead relationships become stressed, weak and never go deeper than the surface.

I don’t want to miss out on the best life moments and I certainly don’t need surface relationships. Do you?

Join me in creating new good habits, our hard work will be worth it!

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