“Does Jesus Have Toys?”

Oh the things that little kids say! Not just say but think. They are precious, and too good not to share.
Recently Gbaby and I were looking at old photographs. A few were of my mom “Grammy Net” who passed away in 2003. Of course the curious, genius little mind started asking “why?” To everything I said. Why did Grammy die? Why did she go to Heaven? Why does Jesus live way up there?
Days have passed since she asked those questions, but her mind was still at work. As we drove to church last Sunday, she looked out the truck window up at the sky and stated “You’re mommy died and lives with Jesus” I said “yes and one day we will all be with her, me, you, mommy, popie”. She quickly states “I’m not gonna die Meme”. I proceed to explain how wonderful Heaven will be for us, and that we want to be with Jesus. Her silence for a moment had me wondering, then She blurts out “but Meme does Jesus have toys?”

Theologians are cringing right now wondering how I answered that.

As parents and grandparents we won’t have good solid answers for those deep questions unless we ourselves dig deep into Gods word and walk with him on a daily basis. Gaining sound teaching by a pastor is also essential when needing to understand the bible, so we in turn can teach our kids.

After Gbabys question, What I really reflected on was this; how easy it is for us to get attached to our earthly possessions and forget about our Heavenly treasure. We work hard to get those possessions, spend hours and hours enjoying them. Sometimes we even fight over the threat of having them taken from us and we don’t like to share.

Do we want to miss out on the treasure of Heaven because we were too busy gathering possessions here on earth? Do we want our children, and our grandchildren to inherit our possessions that will rust, fade, break, go out of style or do we want to leave them the treasure of eternity with Jesus?

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