Even If You Don’t Receive it….Give it!

I usually spend the early mornings watering the flowers and veggies before the sun gets too potent. Now only a few things remain after numerous torrential down-pours and high damaging winds hit our area. My heart hurts a little as I view the damage and hope that some of it will perk back up.
I’ve worked really hard planting and somehow it has made me feel closer to my mother. I still want to make my mother proud even though she lives in Heaven. I still have that longing to please her, to be the best daughter ever.
There’s something intense about a people pleaser, they’re like the energizer bunny…they just keep going, and going, and going. But the longing is still there, no matter how many cakes you bake or cucumbers you grow. Try as you may there will always be someone that is hard to please.
It is baffling how one still longs for the approval of a parent after that parent is dead and gone. I see women and even men striving to fill this longing. I see them also work very hard to please the living around them.
It’s easy for me to say, that we should be more concerned with pleasing the Lord above, who created us. But I’m going to be pretty bold and ask you to join me as we each make sure that those around us receive our approval. Don’t let a minute go by without your child or grandchild knowing that you are pleased with them, and support them. Give your spouse an extra hug while verbally telling them how much you appreciate them. Take a step further and go out on that limb; even encourage those around you that you don’t know. Nothing feels better than to hear someone say “good job” or “won’t you join me.”
Lord, let us be active in showing others they are accepted. Help us to remove ourselves from cliques, and to open our eyes and hearts to those around us. Keep our motives pure. Let us be wise in knowing that the only approval we need to seek is yours. In Jesus name Amen.


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