Go Ahead, Just Splash!

These sultry summer mornings you can find me awake very early, tip-toe’n outside watering and weeding, sweeping off the patio and getting the pool ready for the….tweets! After a few hours I’m ready to splash around in the shower and soak up some AC.
Sitting at my desk I can look directly out my window with a full view of the pool aka “bird bath”. I tell you, there is some serious splashing going on out there and several tweets are lined up on the fence a’waitin their turn. It’s a sight to see and a joy to provide those parched lil things a place to cool off in these 90-100 degree days. As I watch amused I can’t help but be amazed at how they find the water. I marvel that they were created with such keen eyesight and instinct and their memory must be exceptional…all in that little bitty brain.
Come on in the water is fine! When life and the people around you have worn you down, and you just can’t seem to get a good attitude….just splash! Let those burdens just slide off your back while you kick up some serious waves. And when you feel like there is no water’n hole in sight, sit back in a chaise lounge in the shade, sip some sweet tea and open that living bible for a drink of living water!
Seriously, I hope you’ll join me! Let every word soak and sink in and while you’re chillin’ have that heart to heart with your Father above….
God, we thirst and long to be satisfied, to have peace; fill us with your living water. In Jesus name Amen.


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