Everyday and Everywhere

It’s evening on the patio. I sit enjoying the declining humidity and the sleepy sun setting in the west. Hubs hasn’t ventured out yet and it’s possible he will succumb to the cool crisp bed sheets calling his name instead.
As I recline there’s no mistaking Gods presence as I softly talk to him. However, He isn’t just out here amongst the breeze, or in the colors of the setting sun but, it is here that I am quiet long enough to connect with him. Truth be known God is….In the everyday common places and phases of life! It may be difficult for you to see or hear him but He is there, He sees you and He hears you!
Join me as we go through our days filled with sickness, chores, hectic work schedules, projects, family drama and the temptations of sin. Acknowledge HIS presence and welcome his affection. You are beloved to him and he walks with you through your day guiding and leading…..if you’ll follow. Keep your footsteps on His path and He will give you what you need to keep sin from controlling your life.
Psalm 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.
Tender Savior, your love and presence in our lives is all that we need. Thank you for being in every detail, place and phase of our lives. In Jesus name Amen.
I very much enjoy sharing the gifts and talents of great photographers, mixing the photos in with my blog posts. I hope you enjoy the beach walkway photo by my friend Kim Loftis. You can find her on FB at kimloftisphotography check out her amazing talent!


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