Lessons You Learn About Yourself While Sitting at Sonic

These days Hubs and I get to spend more time together without a couple kiddos fighting in the back seat. “He looked at me” “She breathed on me” “He’s on my side” ……sound familiar!? For you couples with young’ns I promise the day is coming when you can pull up to a Sonic and enjoy peace and quiet while you slurp your slushy! Now, as I write this I envision a whole new set of Sonic commercials with Hubs and I in our car instead of the two guys. Hmmmm maybe we have something here!
A couple nights ago we sat at Sonic waiting for our order. I was chatting (as usual) and Hubs was half listening (as usual) when something I said sparked Hubs to amusingly say “you so over dramatize everything!” Normally, I would swing my hand over and give him a “neck chop” but….I couldn’t cuz he was right! However, if he had said this back when the kids were little and we were both working full time and schedules were crazy and always opposite, and emotions were always elevated…then oh yea forget the “neck chop” he would of gotten a “throat punch!”
Truth is we can talk about ourselves and each other with a little more ease for a couple of reasons; we’ve had a few sessions over the years of marriage counseling; our kids are grown and moved out ; we spend more time together and we are sedated by sugar and fried tator tots so we can speak freely and learn things about ourselves and each other without being offended. I wish we had learned early on in our marriage; not to take everything said as an offense; to laugh more and sneak in some alone time even if it was just a drive through Sonic without kids. But, so it seems for most of us the early years are full of so much drama!
Join me and Hubs…..you shouldn’t wait for your “golden years” to learn a lesson about yourself, your spouse or your marriage….spend some time alone talking, laughing and…. get ya’ a slushy at Sonic!
God you have blessed us by creating us in your own image. You gave us the gift of marriage and may we be reminded that you deem this union very important. Keep us always learning about ourselves, our spouse. May our marriages grow stronger so that we bring glory and honor to you. In Jesus name Amen.
Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.


Here’s a little video if you aren’t familiar with the Sonic Guys:

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