Freedom in Faith

We all have experiences with death at some point in our journey through life. Death of our parents, siblings, best friend, spouse or even a child seems to be the path of life. These heartaches can leave us physically exhausted making our legs tired, weak or even immobile and mentally we shutdown. Death of a person is just part of the loss we experience in life….. marriages end, employment can stop, health can deteriorate, and children become rebellious. The list of life’s happenings goes on and on…..
How do we get through these hard times?
Most of us are stronger than we think. Some of us need a helping hand to stable us as we go. A few lay down unable to rise and some build a wall around themselves in hopes to never experience loss again.

I believe I have demonstrated each one of these during different difficulties in my life. However, for me my faith in God determines whether I walk or dance down, over and under the path of hardship before me. By leaning on the only one who can sustain, stable and lead me through am I free to dance during those seasons of trial.
Are you walking a rough path today? Have you tried all you can to get through?
I invite you to join me, accept and believe in the God who created you in his image. Trust him to put a song in your heart that you can dance to as you go down that difficult path. Have faith that when you are unable to move, He will carry you just as he’s said to the Israelites and the house of Jacob.
Isaiah 46:4 I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you.
I will carry you along and save you. (New Living Translation)
Father, lift us who are unable to move, breath into us your living word and carry us. Put within our hearts the song of your salvation so that we may be free to dance. In Jesus name Amen.

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