Where Do You Go?

Sitting back in the lounge chair, feet stretched out and bare toes baking in the sunshine, I am comfortable. I can only close my eyes for a short time as too much is going on amongst the sunflowers to miss. Now that the flowers have bent their heavy seed heads over, little yellow finches have been hanging upside down to reach them. In between their pecking, they sing quick sweet notes. The hummingbirds will not be still and the bees are buzzing from flower to flower enjoying the sugar. My phone is filled with video and pictures as I try to capture this entertainment and wonder. I never do my subjects justice, it is far better to be there in person.
With all the splendor of Gods creation around me it is easy to feel his presence. I want to linger with him longer. This time with him is just what I need to stable my emotions, so that when the chaos comes I’m ready steady, not hanging upside down.
Where do you go, to be alone with God?
Isn’t it assuring to know that your God goes with you, beside you, behind you and before you. In Him you will never be alone.
Won’t you join me and linger longer with the Lord.
Father, we find peace, rest and emotional freedom in your presence….may we never wander but linger longer in your presence. In Jesus name Amen.



2 thoughts on “Where Do You Go?

  1. Amen. I love these blogs. I love nature and God’s peace it brings with His creation. Love you lots sweet lady! I’m proud to know you as my awesome Sister in Christ. XOXO

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