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All Things Are Much Clearer in the Light!

I was lounging so comfy in the recliner; TV all to myself as Hubs had just went to bed. He had left the ceiling light on and I was a little too lazy to get up and turn it off. As I sat engrossed in the screen, it didn’t take much for me to zone into the action happening on the floor. As quick as a flash ran a little mouse all the way across the living room floor and disappeared behind the TV cabinet. The overhead light afforded me a great clear view of the evil beast trying a speedy getaway. I could feel the anxiety building and my heart rate quickening so I started to talk myself off that ledge. I began believing I could relax, and told myself I wouldn’t freak out with worry, determined to get a good night’s rest inspite of the shenanigans going on. I prayed a little, telling God I didn’t want a stupid mouse to be master of my emotions, then again my eyes caught sight of the little varmint. He was out from behind the cabinet and sitting at the corner of the fireplace ready to make his mad dash back across the room. I quickly sat up in the recliner causing it to shake and snap sending that bugger back behind the cabinet. And so through the rest of the movie, every time he came out from behind there I would make noise with the chair. I was convinced that the combination of me scaring him and me knowing where he was made me less squeamish. As soon as the movie ended I calmly got up but, not without scanning both eyes over the entire floor space all the way to the bathroom. I proceeded then to get ready for bed without worry. In the past there was never any calming me down after I spotted a mouse. In fact I used to scream and jump up on the furniture….ahhhh progress!
We don’t always see what’s coming at us? Satan operates in darkness. I guarantee light will expose darkness every time, and things are always much clearer in the light.
I hope you’ll join me…..and not live in darkness but the everlasting light!
Lord, we believe. Please keep your light on us, so that we may see clearly. Keep our emotions calm and steady as we steer clear of the darkness. In Jesus name Amen.


1 thought on “All Things Are Much Clearer in the Light!

  1. Haha I can just see you now…snapping that recliner every time you saw the little varmint! I just love reading these posts and the details you bring to life in them with the situation and relating everyday situations to the Lord. Love you sweet friend!

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