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True Joy

On a Monday after spending quality time with the Lord, on the patio I posted an inspirational message on a local women’s Facebook page. The message was about keeping the joy of our salvation even when we are in the valley, or on the mountain top. My inspiration that day, was from a coffee cup I chose to sip out of with the word “joy” on it, which also birthed the thought; always choose joy!

Tuesday morning, I snuck outside to sip’n’chat with the Lord and while I was totally enjoying the warm sunshine dancing off the dew laden flower petals, the neighbors cat (one of many) comes creeping along my flower/veggie bed and starts digging a hole. In a snap my smile went to a hissing sound in hopes to deter the event that was about to happen. Several times my lips pursed to make a warning, then my mouth shouts “get, get out of here” but despite my feeble attempts the cat dug, crapped and covered it up before joining up with the other cat hiding behind the woodpile and skedaddling out of the yard! I suddenly realized, these adored (by some) pets who for 19 years have disrespected my landscaping just stole my joy! My heart was racing, my forehead wrinkled and the grip on my coffee cup was stiff! I was sitting straight up in my reclining lounge chair ready to fight. The minute I realized this, I started chuckling and remembering my joy article I wrote yesterday!! God truly does have a sense of humor. What I wish now is that I had grabbed my cell phone and did a live video for my Patio Life facebook page, instead I wasted that time being angry. Angry at something that has been and despite all my efforts will always be happening.

There are so many inspirational messages in this event. Not only does God have a sense of humor, he uses every moment to teach and enlighten us. To draw us closer to him, and reveal himself to us all we have to do is….pay attention.

So here’s the first message I noticed; yesterday I wrote about joy in all circumstances and today a cat craps in my garden. I come to realize as Forest Gump did…”it” happens. Sometimes “it” happens daily with a moody spouse, unruly child, rude salesperson or co-worker, or a crazy driver texting in the lane next to you. “It” can also happen when you go for a routine doc visit but find out the worst Inevitably someone or something is going to crap in the spot where you are trying to have JOY!

I’m learning and I hope you’ll join me…..true joy does not come from a manicured lawn, poop free flower beds or a cancer free body. The way to smile through when “it” happens is to remember joy comes from knowing Jesus, hoping in eternal life with him in heaven one day and that this world is not our home. If you’re like me, I will need to be reminded over and over again before that trumpet sounds and calls me home but our God is patient, slow to anger and full of joy! Will you choose HIS joy, true joy!?


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