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2020 The Year of Perfect Vision

I’m quite behind in writing this but, better late than never. 
Being isolated from family, church and even jobs came as a total shock to everyone. It created a lot of anxiety, and depression on top of the fear that,  one would become ill and possibly die.
It’s now 2021 and the whole thing is still lingering. 
So many rumors, fake news, conspiracy theories going around and it clouds everyone’s vision. And yet 2020 and now 2021 are the years to gain a clear look at where you are spiritually. If you’ve had time to spare, it’s the perfect time to seek, pray, study and find hope. Not hope in the current situations here, or overseas but, hope in the one true Creator and His plan for your future. 
If any vision is clearer it is that we are called, created and equipped to love one another. It’s been evident through all the new internet technologies available assisting people in connecting one way or another that love of fellow man exists. That is inspiring.
As we continue here during these uncertain times, I hope you’ll see clearly that you are called to a higher purpose, to accept the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and to see this with eyes wide open.

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