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When we or our loved ones go through something traumatic it’s hard for anyone to sleep. Hours are spent in restlessness. In the early hours just before dawn we finally give in and fall asleep. We aren’t expecting anything to happen and by then we have worn ourselves out. We may not want to wake up, we might hide ourselves inside that pain.
When the traumatic event of  Jesus’ crucifixion took place you can bet his followers were not resting. They were restless, devastated, anxious, curious, hopeful for three days. On that third day in the early morning while it was still dark Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried. She found it empty. The others came and went but she lingered, weeping she looked inside to see two angels. From behind her she turned to see and hear Jesus call her by name. She at that moment realized it was him. Every part of her was awake at that moment.

Think about your exhaustion, you’ve wrestled and struggled restlessly over the painful situation. You think there’s nothing to be done. The tomb is empty. Linger a little longer friend, and listen for your Saviors voice calling you by name.  He has risen!

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