Super Power

Yesterday was a day of hard hits. Well actually the past couple weeks have been filled with annoying, difficult, hard hit incidents. Usually these things start going on a month after the Hubs is deployed, not a few days. This…

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Under The Same Moon

While the daytime sky turns slowly to evening in shades of blue and purple, the birdie chatter slows to a soft hush. The cares of this day were slightly heavy on my mind when I plopped into the chase lounge.…

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A True Friend

Chirp chirp, tweet tweet so sweet the morning tune. Little Ruby & Roxy flit about pecking their morning grub from the ground under the feeders then fly up to their homes to deliver the goods. Staying together they flit from…

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On My Mind

Driving amongst rain drops this morning, yawning as the wipers tapped to and fro, our sleep deprivation created a soft silence. I watched out the window at the world passing by. My mind was in several different places today but…

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Hello world!

Okay so this is the world of blogging, and I’m learning how  🙂 stay tuned